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SKY COMFORT is our trademark and main product line for the Aviation market. It can provide a variety of features and interface with any airline application. Major product features included:
  • 6-12 Massage Points & 5 Operating Modes
    (Select, Wave, Pulse, Tap, Swell)
  • Cooling and Heating elements (Hi/Lo options)
  • Video and Audio software plug-in
  • 3.5"- 10" Touch Screen Control option
  • Completely stand alone or compatible with central computer control.

Currently, RELAXOR is very excited to introduce a variety of products which will revolutionize passenger comfort in Aviation. Our first is a partnership with W.E.T. Technologies, a comfort cool system which draws humidity and heat away from the customer and provides a perfectly controlled and personal environment while flying. The second also with W.E.T. technologies is a Secutemp heating element. This heating element is power efficient and safe backed by many years of research. We feel confident in introducing this technology for those long cold flights. The heating element can be designated to heat the back as well as the seat, or individually. Also we are happy to introduce our very own touch screen control, making our system a completely stand alone system.

Further research and development continues to expand the capabilities of controlling multiple systems from a single power source to accommodate Economy seating requirements. And the efforts in engineering are continuous to reduce the weight of all product line components.

The team at RELAXOR takes pride in new ideas and concepts to move forward and open new doors of passenger comfort. So please if you have any specific questions, inquiries, or requests feel free to contact us, we will be happy to hear from you.

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