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The Ultimate Flying Comfort
Features & Specifications
Since 1993 RELAXOR massage products has strived to provide the best quality systems in the consumer marketplace. Quality and performance have always been and remain our priority in all our product lines.

In 2000, we took our experience into the Aviation market, taking our proven comfort technology and introducing it into a market that takes pride in passenger comfort and satisfaction. Our initial launch into this industry has yielded acclaim in quality as well as approval for the ease of installation. Yet we at RELAXOR continue to improve our system, and are now looking to bring new ideas and proven technologies into the market expanding the options for providing passengers a truly blissful experience when traveling by combining massage with air, lumbar support, heating and cooling.

Our current qualified FAA system is our core system of vibration massage, which can be easily installed into any airline seat. While using only about 5W it can utilize any type of power. Our model is currently available in either 12VDC or 115VAC 400Hz. Additionally we continue to develop power systems to incorporate 28‐35VDC and 115VAC at the Airbus variable frequency.

Our massage system is also available to interface with the aircraft´s IFE system, using either RS232 or RS485. We have also worked on previous programs in conjunction with the aircrafts actuation system. Current weight for our RS485 model is 1.1 pounds with an option to manage the operation of 12 massage transducers working in pairs to provide 6 zones of comfort. Our RS232 model is about 1.3 pounds and can manage 10 transducers or 5 zones of comfort. Each transducer weighs about .25 pounds.
The Ultimate Flying Comfort

The Ultimate Flying Comfort