About InSeat
Company History
InSeat Solutions LLC specializes in electronic massage and relaxation components for use in motion furniture, bedding, executive seating, spa seating, automotive, healthcare and airline seating. The company has attained Boeing and Airbus Certification, Federal Aviation Association PMA (parts supplier certification) and utilizes manufacturers that hold ISO certificates. Several products within the Relaxor® family are CSA approved.

InSeat Solutions prides itself on creativity and new designs which contribute to the company´s success in many diversified markets. It´s patented OEM systems are a time-proven standard developed for a long life.

When first introduced after 3 ½ years of research and development, the original RELAXOR® OEM seating component technology – employing multiple, individual controller massage transducers mounted within the foam – revolutionized residential massage furniture, setting a new industry standard and benchmark of comfort, quality and reliability for manufacturers. The unique systems added, as well, a new, invaluable functional and marketing feature that continues to help drive the substantial growth of the recliner and motion furniture category to new levels. Today the Relaxor® name is synonymous with premium quality electro-mechanical massage systems in the residential and commercial seating industry and continues to introduce new and revolutionary products that will again transform the many industries benefiting from their revolutionary technology of massage systems.
Mission Statement
Today, more than ever before, savvy customers are looking for superior seating comfort. InSeat Solutions Relaxor® electronic massage seating components are the answer! Our time tested products and superior service provide our OEM customers with the means of fulfilling these customer requirements. By working closely together in integrating our massage solutions, we have been able to help our customers increase market demand for their seating products while simultaneously increasing overall customer satisfaction.

Scientific research has long established the importance of stress reduction as a means of increasing an individual´s ability to heal more rapidly as well as in the prevention of stress-induced illness. InSeat Solutions Relaxor® Massage Systems offer dozens of programmable massage modes to help relax away stiff, tired and strained muscles. And by the introduction of our new airline, trucking and automotive products, InSeat proudly offers safety systems for use in all modes of transportation.

The variety of zones and intensities offered by Relaxor® places customization and selection in the hands of the consumer. Relaxor® offers strategically placed motors, low voltages for safety, heated/non-heated versions, air bladders, and ergonomically designed control wands.

Our prides: creativity and design

Our mission: increase customer satisfaction